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Potential Red Sox Trading Partners on Mike Aviles

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Let’s start with: Mike Aviles is one of the few 2012 Red Sox players who can say he has done his job.

Making the assessment that Aviles could be the team’s everyday shortstop was an excellent move by Boston GM Ben Cherington – when he dealt Marco Scutaro to Colorado.

And Aviles has delivered good offense and good defense.

That said, it looks like Jose Iglesias will be given the opportunity to claim the shortstop job in 2013.

So Aviles could be the odd man out with Iglesias starting and Pedro Ciriaco looking like a very capable backup infielder (and cheaper than Aviles).

Here are three teams that may be interested in trading for Aviles:

  • Pittsburgh. What were the Pirates thinking committing two years to Clint Barmes? Time for Pittsburgh to cut its losses and upgrade at short. Aviles would be a good add and boost their lineup.
  • Arizona. The team moved Stephen Drew without a quality replacement in the wings (which I get – he wasn’t delivering). Willie Bloomquist is best suited for a utility role. Aviles would be a good fit here – and could help out at third base if needed. The wild card – if the D’backs move outfielder Justin Upton, a top-tier shortstop like Elvis Andrus could be within reach.
  • Oakland. Aviles could help the A’s at second and third base. His versatility is a big asset that a team like Oakland could use to great advantage.

Other teams to watch: Tampa Bay. Maybe the best trading partner for the Red Sox to get a quality pitcher in return (how about Wade Davis?). Baltimore. Put Aviles at second and the O’s have a stronger lineup. Obstacle to both deals – intra-division trading.

The Red Sox should not care about trading with division rivals. The team needs to acquire talent and should get the best return it can for Aviles.

What do you think will happen with Aviles this off-season?

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Written by Albie Jarvis

September 22, 2012 at 9:22 pm

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